How do I remove/archive a client?

This article outlines how to remove/archive a client, so they don't show in the list but not forget them completely

When archiving a client, their information is not removed permanently from your Phorest system and can always be unarchived/restored. Archived clients will still appear in relevant client reports.

Archiving a Client

To archive a client, go to Clients Single-click on a client > Archive.


This will move the client from the active list to the archived list.

Viewing and Unarchiving Clients

To view a list of Archived clients, check the Archived box.

To restore a client, single-click the client > Click Un-archive.


Trail History of Archived Client

When a client is archived, the date & time is recorded in the Trail along with the name of the staff member who archived them.

To view the Trail, double-click on a client to open their Client Card > Click Trail


You will then see the Trail history for that specific client


Removing Client Data Entirely

If you need to completely remove any personal information for a particular client, for example as a GDPR request, click here to find out how.

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