How do I remove/archive a client?

This article outlines how to remove/archive a client so they don't show in the list but not forget them completely

Archiving means removing a client from the client list, which can be undone at any time.  The client information is not removed from the system, it is just being hidden, therefore archiving will not affect any reports figures,  archived client figures will still be included.  

Go to Clients, search for and single-click on the client you wish to archive, then click the Archive button.

This will move the client from the active list (above) to the archived list.

I can't find my client in the system anymore?

In Clients, press the Archived button just underneath the First Name field. 

Why were these clients archived?

A staff member would have most likely archived the clients for a number of reasons. If you need to find out who has archived you can check the trail.

Clients - Archived - Select Client - Trail

You can see here the staff members name, where they did it and when.

If a client has requested that their details be removed from your database entirely, check out the following article on How to export/forget Client Data?

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