How do I charge No Show payment for a missed appointment?

This article will show you how to process a no-show charge/fee for an appointment that was booked online, and the client missed their appointment.

 Latest Version of Phorest Required

  • Desktop Version .160 or above required. If you're on an older version and need to update, you can get the latest version here on our Downloads page.

You can process a No Show charge for a client that has done one of the following:

When a client makes an online booking, they agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined at the time of booking on the final confirmation screen.


If a client no-shows, leave the appointment as is and let the red time bar lapse over the appointment. The appointment will automatically turn gray once the time has elapsed. You'll also know this was an online booking by the blue dot indicator on the appointment.


Single-click the appointment and click Pay, then follow one of the processes below (whichever one applies to you).

If you are in the United States using PhorestPay through Bancard

Pay through the appointment using the Stored Card option


If you are using PhorestPay through Stripe

Choose No Show


Then select the optional value you wish to charge and click Apply No Show.


Payments will be routed through your PhorestPay account powered by Stripe.

If you are not using PhorestPay but are taking booking deposits online.

After clicking Pay on a no show appointment, you will see the prompt below. Enter the amount you want to charge and click on Charge. The card used to book the appointment originally will then be charged directly.


If you would like to know how to set up a PhorestPay account, check out this guide.

Note: No Show payments using this method (i.e. not using PhorestPay) are processed by Phorest on a monthly basis. Payouts can take 3-5 business days to reach your bank account. If you need more information about a particular payout, please feel free to contact our Finance team at

  No Show Email/SMS Notification

You can also send your clients an automated No Show message via SMS or Email. To learn more, check out this guide.

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