My PhorestPay Card Terminal isn't holding a charge. What can I do?

This article will show you what to do if your PhorestPay Card Terminal battery isn't lasting, or if the screen is powering off suddenly.

Ensure the Charging Cable is in the Correct Port

The first thing to check is that your charging cable is inserted into the charging port, and not the headphone jack.

The headphone jack is located on the left-side of the terminal and is indicated by a    headphone symbol.

The charging port is located on the right-side of the terminal and is indicated by a    lightning symbol.

Charging With a Standard USB Cable

micro USB cable can also be used to charge the Card Terminal using the micro USB   port.


Ensure the USB Port/Plug Adapter is Compatible

The charging cable can be plugged into any USB-A power adapter and has a minimum power output of 5V-2A (10W).

Many phone chargers are 5V-1A (5W) and will not sufficiently charge the terminal. Most iPad/Tablet power adapters are 5V-2A (10W) and will charge the terminal.

It is not recommended that the terminal be charged through a computer. This charging method is not guaranteed to provide sufficient power to adequately charge the device.

Still Having Trouble?

If you're PhorestPay Card Terminal is still having charging/power problems after checking the above, click here to get in touch with our Support team and we'll be happy to help.

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