How do I mark a staff member as being Requested in an appointment?

Sometimes, clients request appointments with specific staff members for services or treatments. This article explains how to mark appointments as being requested with a particular staff member by a client.

Making a Booking in the Salon

Go to your Appointments screen and create the appointment.

After you've added services to the appointment, you can check the box under the RQ column to specify that the client requested this particular staff member when making the booking.


Once you've checked the RQ box, you'll notice an 'R' symbol appearing on the booking in the staff member's column. This is to indicate that the staff member was requested for this service.


Requesting a Staff Member in an Online Booking

When a client makes a booking online, they will have the option to choose a specific staff member from a drop-down list. If they pick a staff member, the booking will include an 'R' symbol on your Appointments calendar in Phorest to indicate that the staff member was specifically requested during the booking.


Preferred Staff Member

If a staff member is listed as a client's Preferred Staff Member, the Requested option will be selected automatically whenever the client books an appointment with that staff member.

Additionally, if a client doesn't already have a Preferred Staff Member set and a staff member is selected as Requested in an appointment, then that staff member will automatically be assigned as that client's Preferred Staff Member.


Once it has been set, the client's preferred staff member will never automatically change; however, you can manually update it in the client's profile if you need to.

Reporting on Staff Requests

You can check the percentage of each staff member's appointments where a client requested that staff member by going to Manager > Reports > Staff > Requests


You can also report on staff requests in appointments in Manager > Reports > Additional Reports by generating the following reports:

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