Why are Credit and Debit showing as 0.00 on Cashup when I've taken sales? (PhorestPay Terminal)

This article will explain why your cash up will show an actual and expected Credit and Debit value of 0.00 even though you've taken sales.

Note: This article is only applicable to businesses using a PhorestPay Terminal.

The cash up screen will always show your credit and debit as being 0.00 at the end of each day if you're using a PhorestPay Terminal, as these figures are automatically reconciled.

This means that, when using a PhorestPay Card Terminal, you no longer need to balance your end-of-day Credit and Debit totals.


Reconciling Your Credit Total

PhorestPay through Stripe

If you are using PhorestPay through Stripe, you will see your totals for the day on the Cash Up screen


Your Card Terminal figures will be included in the Phorestpay Credit Card or PhorestPay Debit Card totals on your Cash Up Report, depending on which payment type (Credit or Debit) was used in each sale.


PhorestPay through Bancard (US Only)

Should you need to reconcile your credit and compare it to your invoice statements, Go to Manager > Cashup, navigate to and single-click on the date in question, and then click Print. This will show you your total credit and debit for the day. 


You will also see your expected PhorestPay Credit Card and PhorestPay Debit Card amounts on your Cashup Report when it is automatically generated each time you perform your daily cash up.

Note: Expected Phorest Pay Credit and Debit amounts will only appear when you have taken payments via those payment types. They will not show on the report as expected values if you haven't taken payments via those types.


 Useful Tip!

Remember, to see your credit and debit transactions, go to Manager > Cashup > Single-click the day you wish to view > click Print.

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