How do I see the Trail/Audit of an appointment that has been cancelled, deleted or moved to another date?

This article will show you how you can see what changes were made to an appointment after the appointment has already been cancelled, deleted, or moved to another date, via the Trail.

Go to your Appointments calendar, and navigate to the date that the appointment previously existed.

Double-click on a blank space in any staff column, as if you were going to book an appointment.

Search for and select the client then, before selecting a service, click the More button, then click Trail/Audit to view a log of changes to any appointments on that date for that client.


If you don't know the original appointment date or are unsure of the client's name, you can use the Deleted Appointments report or the No Shows and Cancellations report to help you.

  Reporting on Cancelled & Deleted Appointments

You can also use the following reports to generate a full list of cancelled or deleted appointments within a certain date range:

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