How do I checkout a client through my PhorestPay Terminal in the Phorest Go app?

  Apple iOS Devices Only

Phorest Pay mobile checkout is available on Apple iOS devices (iPad/iPhone) running iOS version 14+ only and is not available for Android mobile devices currently.

Once you are ready to checkout your client, tap the Pay button on the purchase screen. Next, choose the Credit or Debit payment type depending on which card the client is using.


You will then see Card Terminal and Manually Enter Details appear below the payment type

Note: The ability to manually enter card details is currently only available in North America.

If you tap the Card Terminal button, the app will ask you to choose which Phorest Pay device you would like to use for the transaction (the card terminal will stay on the default device if Card Terminal is not pressed).


You can tap the Manually Enter Details button if the client does not have their credit or debit card present but know their card details. Once you're ready, tap Pay.

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