How do I use the Reports dashboard?

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Step-by-Step Guide

You asked we listened! We've made some changes to our Report and Payroll facilities. All of these updates are now available in the Staff section of your Reports.

To access our updates to Reports and Payroll go to Manager > Reports

Updates are located under the Staff section.

Rostered Days. We now track how many days your staff has worked, and also any holidays, training days, etc., so your new Staff Reports, can be a one-stop-shop for all your staff reporting needs.

To view the new commission and payroll updates click on the cog icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Deduct Cost of Service After Commission

This allows you to deduct the cost of service after the commission has been calculated. This means that the full cost of the service is on the staff member, and not shared with the salon. This will reduce the staff member’s overall commission

Apply Higher Commission to Full Amount

This applies the highest level of tiered commission to the full sales amount. If the commission structure is 10% on the first $€£1000 in sales and 20% on everything thereafter. If total sales are $€£1500, with this setting enabled, the staff commission will be calculated at 20% of $€£1500 - $€£300. The standard method would calculate 10% on $€£1000 ($€£100), and 20% on $€£500 ($€£100), giving you a total commission of $€£200.

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