How do I print barcode labels for my products?

This article outlines how you can print barcode labels for the products in your inventory to attach to your products or have to hand at reception.

How to Print Barcodes

Go to Manager > Inventory/Stock and check the box beside each product you wish to print barcode labels for, then click the Print button. You will then be prompted to select which label type you wish to print and enter how many labels you would like to print.


Note: Clicking the print button without checking any boxes will result in your full Product List being generated.

Once your barcode list has been generated, use the Print button to print the labels out, or use one of the other buttons to export the labels to a PDF sheet, Excel format etc.

What the Barcodes Look Like

There are two size options when printing barcode labels. 24 per sheet and 80 per sheet. The print as shown in the examples below

80 Labels per Sheet (Small Print)


24 Labels per Sheet (Large Print)

Barcodes are generated in Code 39 format.

Printing Templates

The links below will bring you to a webpage where you can download the relevant 80 and 24 labels per sheet templates for printing.

United States & Canada


Europe and Rest of World


 Useful Tip!

If you have a product order created, you can click the Print/Export button from within the order to quickly print labels for all products on that order. Check out this guide to learn more about creating product orders.

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