How do I add the appointment date and time in Confirmation emails?

This article explains how to add the date and time in a client's appointment confirmation email

As a part of the editor for your Confirmation Emails, you can now choose to display the Time and Date of every client's appointment within the body of the email.

How Do I Edit This Information In My Confirmation Emails?

To access your confirmation email template you will need to go to Marketing > Templates/Filters > Confirmations.


Once you access this area you will see the body of your confirmation email which if enabled is sent to all clients who have a valid email listed on their profile when they complete a booking.

The below image is what you should see.


On the far right-hand side panel, you will see the Date and Time macros. To add these to your confirmation email body simply select the area of the email you want the information displayed and then select the option from the right-hand panel. 

To remove a macro simply delete it from the main body of the email as you would with any wording you want to be removed and/or changed.

An example of how this information will be presented to your client can be viewed below.


 Confirmation Content Disclaimer

It is important that your Confirmation email/SMS does not contain any marketing/promotional content. For more information on transactional vs marketing messages, click here.

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