How do I move an appointment to another timeslot on the same day?

This article will show you how to drag and drop an appointment into another time slot.

To move an appointment to another time on the same day, simply click the appointment then drag and drop it into a new timeslot.

You can also drag it to another staff member's column if you wish to change the staff member.

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Moving Multiple Services

If the client has multiple services booked, you can hold the shift key on your keyboard > keep holding the shift key and single-click each service you wish to move > keep holding the shift key, then click-and-drag the appointments to another timeslot and/or column


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Moving Color Appointments with Development/Gap Time

When moving a color service that has a finishing service booked with a gap for color development in between, you will receive a prompt asking if you would like to keep the Gap Time.

Selecting Yes will make sure that the finish service moves accordingly in order to keep the gap time. Selecting No will only move the color service, and the finish service start time will not change.

Moving colour with gap.gif

  Moving an Appointment to Another Day?

If you're looking to move the appointment to another day/date, check out this guide to find out how.

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