How can I automatically send a rebooking reminder SMS to my clients?

This article will show you how to enable the Rebook SMS, which you can send to clients after their appointments to remind them to rebook.

The Rebook SMS allows you to schedule a gentle reminder for any clients who did not book their next appointment on the day of their last visit.

To enable the Rebook SMS, go to Manager > Client Notifications > Rebook Appointment

Next, go to the Settings tab and choose when to send the message.

If a client already has a future appointment booked, the message will not be sent to that client.

Once you've chosen your settings, click Save changes, and the message will be enabled.

Using the Predicted Time Sending Option

The At predicted time sending option is the recommended setting. It uses machine learning to automatically determine the best time to send a Rebook SMS to each of your clients. This is typically five days before the client is seen as' at risk'.

A client can be seen as 'at risk' in two ways:

If a client has had fewer than 3 visits, then the system will use industry-standard booking patterns defined by Phorest research to determine a typical booking pattern. These booking patterns are defined for each Service Category, so different categories will have different booking patterns.

If a client has had 3 or more visits, then the system calculates the client's actual booking pattern and will determine that a client is 'at risk' if they fall out of that pattern.

Disabling the Rebook SMS

To disable the Rebook SMS, go back into Settings > disable the Send rebook SMS setting > Save changes to finish.

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