How do I make a group booking for multiple people?

This article will show you how to book in a group of people.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a Group Booking In-House

Go to AppointmentsCreate the first appointment for the first client in the group.

To add another person to the booking group, click MoreGroup.


To continue with the group booking, select the staff member and service to book for the second person in the group.

You will notice the booking is being made under 'Person 2'. This is a 'placeholder' client slot and is not an actual client card on your system. To update it to an actual client profile, click the X next to the client details to remove Person 2, fill in the slot and enter the second client's details.


Repeat until you have all clients in that group 

Click Done once all clients in the group have been assigned services to complete the booking.

Creating a Group Booking in Online Booking & the Branded App

To create a group booking, clients can select the services they want to book, click the group button  , add guests, and then choose which services to allocate to which people.


The additional people in the booking will appear in your calendar as Person 2Person 3, etc., and you can update their client information after the booking comes in by following the same steps listed above.

Client Appointment Notifications (Confirmations, Reminders, Consultation Forms etc.)

Additional clients will receive appointment notifications, provided the client placeholders (Person 2Person 3) have been updated in the booking.

If you have an appointment Confirmation Email/SMS enabled, this message is sent ~10 minutes after a booking is created. Therefore, the client placeholders must be updated to actual client details within ~10 minutes of the appointment being created for the additional clients to receive the appointment Confirmation notification.

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