What is the difference between client notes and appointment notes?

This article explains the difference between Client Notes, Service and Color Notes, and Past Appointment Notes.

Client Notes

Client Notes is for general notes about a particular client, and don't always have to necessarily relate to their appointments. Personal notes can go in here, for example, coffee preferences, hobbies or things to chat about etc. This section can be used to really convey a personal experience for each client.

These notes are visible if you edit an appointment by double-clicking it:


and also can be accessed on each clients Client Card by going to Clients > Searching for and double-clicking on the client > Notes


Service and Color Notes, and Past Appointment Notes

These notes should be used to add comments to specific appointments/bookings. They can be used to indicate specific requests for clients, the color formulas/types used on a particular appointment, their preferences, no show/cancellation reasons etc.

They can be entered into the Service and Color Notes section, and any historical appointment notes will automatically move over to the Past Appointment Notes in the future, with a date-stamp referencing the appointment date.

The Past Appointment Notes will show the 4 most recent appointment notes.


These notes can also be viewed in the Client Card under Service History > Notes. You can also double-click a note here to expand it.




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