Why is a completed appointment staying yellow/gray even after payment?

This article will explain why some appointments remain yellow (checked in) or gray (no show) even after payment has been processed for that appointment.

If you click an appointment on your calendar, click Pay, then remove a service from the appointment in the Purchase screen using the 'x' button, it will break the link for the appointment and be processed as a separate transaction, leaving an incomplete appointment on your calendar.

Here are some tips to avoid this from happening:

Change a Service Directly on the Appointments Calendar

If you need to change the service in an appointment, double-click the appointment to edit it.

Single-click the name of the service you wish to change > Choose the service category > Click the new service.


Once you've made the necessary changes, click Pay to proceed to payment.

Change a Service from the Purchase Screen

You can adjust the service in an appointment from the Purchase screen directly if you wish.

Click your appointment and click Pay.

Next, single-click the name of the service you wish to change. You'll notice your list of Service Categories will appear once you click the service name.

Choose a service category > choose your new service > Click Pay to proceed to payment.

It's important not to click the 'x' on this screen, as that will break the link between the appointment and this transaction.


Appointment Already Paid and Link Broken?

If you have already processed the payment and the appointment is currently stuck in a yellow/gray color, then go to Manager > Sales > Single-click on the transaction that you processed > Void.

Note: You may see an Undo button instead of Void. In this case, use Undo.

After you've voided the sale, return to your Appointments screen and process the payment again.

Using a PhorestPay Card Terminal?

If you are voiding a sale that was originally processed using a PhorestPay Card Terminal, and you are voiding on the same day as the original transaction, the money from the sale should refund instantly after voiding. You can then continue to process the appointment again. However, if you void the following day (or later), then the money from the voided sale may 5-10 business days to reach the client's bank (depending on the bank).

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