How do I process a refund with PhorestPay?

This article will show you how to refund a sale on PhorestPay, and can be done without needing the client present with their payment card. 

To refund a sale, go to Manager > Sales.

Use the search options and date picker at the top of the screen to find the sale you need to refund. 

Once you've found the sale, single-click it, then click the Refund button.

Note: In some circumstances, you cannot refund a client on the same day that the sale has been put through. If the client would like a refund on the same day, and the Refund button does not appear on your Sales screen, then you can void the sale by clicking on the sale and clicking Void instead.


On the Purchase screen, you can adjust the amount being refunded by single-clicking on the Price of the item, or you can remove an item by clicking the X beside it.

Once you're ready to process the refund, click Pay to process the refund.


If prompted, choose the method of payment that was used during the original transaction by clicking on it, then click Pay again to complete the refund.


   For the client

It will take roughly 3-5 business days for the refund to be fully processed and reach the client.

Refunding a Tip

To refund the tip only you will:

  1. Go to Sales
  2. Click on the sale once
  3. Click Refund
  4. Remove all Services and Products
  5. Click Pay
  6. Click Tip
  7. Choose the Staff Member
  8. Enter the Tip Amount and click the - symbol (brackets will appear around the amount indicating it is a minus)
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Credit
  11. Click Pay

Note: Tips are not included when a sale is fully refunded

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