How can I prompt staff to convert an appointment into a Series/Course?

This article will show you how you can enable a setting on your system that will prompt you to upgrade a single appointment to a Series/Course sale if there is a relevant Series/Course available.

It can be difficult to sell a series/course to a new client over the phone before they arrive at the salon. Phorest lets you book the client in for a regular appointment and then convert it into a course when they come to pay. Once the appointment is converted, it will automatically deduct that original appointment from the remaining sessions in the series/course.

Enabling the Prompt

To enable this setting, go to Manager > Settings > Point of Sale > Prompts, and change the Service to Series/Course prompt to Yes, then click Save.


How it Works

When an appointment includes a Service where a Series/Course including that service is available to buy, you will see this on-screen prompt after clicking Pay on the appointment.


Clicking Convert will change the sale into a Series/Course sale, and the appointment will be considered as the first session of that Series/Course, resulting in 1 session being deducted automatically.

Two items will then appear in the sale; One 0.00-priced item is the record of the first session being used, and the second item is the record of the Series/Course being sold.


Appointment Deposit Already Paid?

If the client has already paid a deposit towards the initial appointment, the deposit amount will be deducted from the total cost of the Series/Course at the point of payment.

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