How do I manually change an Outstanding Balance to a Deposit on a client account?

This article will show you two ways to change an outstanding balance to a deposit on a client account.

If you want to change an outstanding balance on a client account, go to Clients > Search for and double-click on a client to open their Client Card > Credit Terms.

You will see their outstanding balance listed under Amount Outstanding.


Note: A positive outstanding balance means the client owes you money. A negative outstanding balance means they have credit or a deposit on their account.

Click on Change Balance, then enter a reason for changing the balance and click OK. The reason will be recorded in the Credit History > Description field for that client for future reference if needed.


A calculator will pop up. Enter the new amount. 

If the client is putting money into their account to use in the future, enter an amount and press the minus ( - ) symbol to ensure the balance is seen as a deposit.


The next time the client comes to the salon and you are on the Purchase screen, the following pop up will be displayed to show this client now has a Deposit on their account. 


In the New Clients Screen

Go to Clients > Search for and click on a client to open their profile > Click Wallet, and you will see any client credit/money owed under Amount Outstanding

Positive amount means that the client owes money.

A Negative amount means the client has that money in credit/to spend.

For example, in the screenshot below, the client has 150 credit to spend.


Click the value under Amount Oustanding > Click the calculator > Enter an amount (remember to click the minus (-) symbol if you're adding credit)


Lastly, enter the reason you are manually changing the amount > Click Save to finish.


The details of the manual change will then be recorded on the same page under Credit History.


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