How to create a patch test on a Client Card

This article outlines how to record that a client has had a patch test by adding it to the client card.

Go to Clients and click on a client in your Client List to open their profile.

Open the Patch Tests tab, then click Add New to record a new patch test.


Enter the patch test Description > Select the staff member who is carrying out the patch test > Choose the patch test status> Click Add New.


The patch test record will then be saved to the client's profile.

Updating the Status

If you have yet to confirm the patch test results, set the status to Pending initially.

You can update the status later when you have the result by returning to the Patch Tests tab on the client's profile > Click the patch test > Update the status > Save.


  Patch Test Prompt

To learn about enabling a Patch Test Prompt for your services, check out this guide.

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