What is the purpose of Linked clients, and how do I link them?

This article outlines how to utilize the link clients option in the client card.

What is a Linked Client?

Linking clients is a way to associate two clients with each other. The most frequent use of this would be in the case of a parent and their child.

In the example above, Lisa Roe (the parent) has been specified as the linked client for Abigale (their child).

As a result, any appointment notifications (Confirmations, Reminders, etc.) that are related to an appointment for Abigale will be sent to Lisa instead, provided that Lisa's email and/or phone number are saved to her profile and Lisa is opted into Reminder Consent (this is opted in by default for all clients).

Appointment confirmations and reminders are all related to the Reminder Consent fields. All marketing emails relate to the Marketing Consent fields, and a client has the right to opt in and out of either of these options at any time.

How Do I Link Clients?

When updating a client profile, add the phone number of the 'parent' client to the profile of the 'child' client. A message will appear, letting you know that the phone number belongs to the 'parent' click, and you will then be able to click Link to link the profiles. Once linked, click Save changes to finish.

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