How to set patch tests for online bookings

This article outlines how to make sure online booking clients cannot book a service which requires a patch test within 24 hours


Sometimes clients can tell you that the Online Booking system did not ask them for a patch test. So how does this work?

First, we need to look at your Online Settings.

  1. Click on Manager > Settings > Online Settings
  2. Choose Booking Rules on the left of the screen
  3. In here you will see Patch test period

  4. If your client does not have a patch test and they are trying to book online for an appointment that is less than 24 hours away they will see this pop up:

    This will not allow them to book 

  5. If the client is trying to create an appointment for more than 24 hours away they will see this pop up:

    This will allow them to book in, but as the pop-up states - it is their responsibility to get a patch test
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