How do I set up a patch test period for online bookings?

This article will show you how you can adjust your Patch test period for online bookings, which will either remind clients to get a patch test before their appointment or stop them from booking if there isn't enough time before their appointment.

Go to Manager > Settings > Online > Booking Rules, then adjust your Patch test period to your preference, and click Save to finish.


This will enable two types of notifications within your online booking system:

If your client does not have a patch test and they are trying to an appointment online that is within your Patch test period, they will see this notification and will not be able to book their appointment.


If the appointment they are booking is outside of your Patch Test period they will be prompted to visit the salon before the appointment in order to get a patch test.


 Next Steps!

Next, you may want to set which of your services require a patch test. Click here for a guide on how to do that.

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