This article will show common questions asked about Consultation Forms and pre-sending forms to clients

Can I have two forms for my service; A treatment one and a Covid-19 one? 

Only one form can be linked to one service. Covid-19 questions have been added to Pre-Made Templates and Custom built forms (built & active prior to 4th July). This should capture treatment questions and covid-19 questions all in one form. 

How do I ask Covid-19 questions on every visit?

It's best to change the frequency of your forms to every visit. Salons using the Smart Client Card form will be every visit by default and salons using the customizable Consultation Forms can update their forms frequency here

Can I send forms automatically to clients?

At the moment, forms have to be sent manually daily. Best to pre-send forms at the end of the day 3-5 days in advance.

Can I send forms to clients using email?

It is now possible to pre-send your forms either by Email or SMS. 

  • Pre-sending forms by email are free of charge. 
  • Pre-sending by SMS is charged at your standard SMS rate. 

How many SMS/Emails will be sent if a client has more than one form to fill out?

One SMS or Email will be sent to the client, even if multiple services are within their appointment. The link in the SMS/Email will have all forms needed to be filled out by clients.

How do I check if a client has filled out the form before arrival?

To check if a client has completed a form, you will need to check their client card on desktop or in their client card on Phorest Go 

What if a client fills in incorrect or needs to change information on a completed form?

The client can't edit the form once completed via the link. Upon arrival, the staff member can update the form with the client and resign on the iPad/Tablet.

What happens if a client has more than one service in a day?

If a client has 3 services, for example, booked in for one day, they'll only show up as one visit on the Consultation Forms page on Phorest Go. 

We will only send one SMS or Email per visit - so even if they have 3 services booked in a day, they will only be sent one SMS or Email. 

The link that they are sent will bring them to a page that shows the 3 forms they have to fill in for their visit. 

Does the consultation form link expire?

Yes, but not until the day after the service is due.

What happens if I move an appointment to a different day and I've already sent the client their form?

You will need to send the client the form for the new appointment, the old one won't work. This is because an appointment moved to a new day is a new 'visit' in the system, and a consultation form is uniquely linked to each visit, so a new one must be sent.

What will the SMS or Email that clients receive look like?

It will be a short SMS asking to fill out the form prior to arrival for the best experience, with a link to access the form.

The email template sent will be in the below format for your clients:

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