How do I set up or change my Review Email or SMS?

This article will show you how to enable, disable, or edit your automated Appointment Review email or SMS message template.

Setting Up Your Review Request

Go to Marketing > Reviews > Settings.

The Settings screen allows you to enable/disable the automatic Review message, choose how often you ask a client to leave a review and choose whether you would like to send review requests to clients by SMS, Email or Both

The review message is sent roughly 90 mins after an appointment has been paid for.

Editing and Previewing the Message Templates

From the Settings screen, click the Edit and Preview Message button to see what the message you send to clients will look like, and update it if you like.

Editing the Email Template

The email review template can be edited under the Email tab.

Once you're happy with your template, click Save & Preview to save it and to see what it will look like to your clients on both a desktop and mobile device mceclip5.png

Editing the SMS Template

The SMS review template can be edited under the SMS tab, and you will now see a mobile preview of the message mceclip5.png

Once you're happy with your SMS template, click Save to finish.

SMS messages will be charged at your standard SMS rate.

What your Clients See

After your client clicks the link in your message to leave a review, this is what they'll see:


Notification of a New Review

You will also receive an email notification each time a client leaves you a review. Here's what that notification looks like:


You may not receive this notification for a new review if the client uses certain emojis in their review comment, as some emojis are not supported. However, the review will still be added to your Phorest system under MarketingReviews.

To learn how to share these reviews on your social media pages, click here.

 Review Content Disclaimer

It is important that your Review email/SMS does not contain any marketing/promotional content. For more information on transactional vs marketing messages, click here.

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