How do I set up or change my Review Email or SMS?

This article will show you how to enable, disable, or edit your automated Appointment Review email or SMS message template.

Setting Up Your Review Request

Go to Marketing > Reviews > Settings


Note: When checking your Reviews, if multiple staff were part of an appointment and a client left a review, the Staff name displayed will be:

1. The client’s Preferred Staff, if part of the booking.
2. The staff of the hair cut, if any hair cut services were included.
3. The staff that performed the longest-duration service in the booking, if none of the above match.

Use the checkboxes at the top of the screen to enable or disable the SMS and/or Email Review message.


You can use the dropdown menu to choose when the Review request will be sent to clients.


  • First Appointment Only: Clients will only ever be asked for a review once after they pay for their appointment, and will not be asked again. Enabling this setting will ask clients even if they have had appointments in the past, but only if they have never received a request to leave a review before.
  • Max Once Per Month: Clients will only be asked to review the salon once per month provided they have had an appointment in that month.
  • Every Appointment: Clients will be asked to leave a review after every appointment.

Note: The message is sent approximately 90 minutes after an appointment is paid for.

To edit the templates

You can switch between the SMS Review and Email Review templates using the tabs at the top. Edit your template to your preference, using the macro buttons to include things such as <<Client First Name>> etc.,

Remember to click Save when you're done!


What your Clients See

After your client clicks the link in your message to leave a review, this is what they'll see:


Notification of a New Review

You will also receive an email notification each time a client leaves you a review. Here's what that notification looks like:


To learn how to share these reviews on your social media pages, click here.

 Review Content Disclaimer

It is important that your Review email/SMS does not contain any marketing/promotional content. For more information on transactional vs marketing messages, click here.

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