How do I attach more than one Consultation Form to a service?

This article will show you how you can manually assign a Consultation Form to a service in an appointment.

With regular Consultation Forms, you can assign one form to each of your services. These forms are automatically attached to each appointment whenever those services are booked.

If a client needs to complete more than one form for a service, you need to assign another form to an appointment on an ad hoc basis.

To do this, open Consultation Forms > Navigate to the client's appointment date > Tap on their form.

Underneath the already attached form, select Add New Form.

Select a form to preview it, then, when you're happy to add the form, choose Select Form.


You'll receive the following warning to let you know that once a form has been added to a client's appointment, it cannot be removed.

Select Add Form to continue, and the form will be added to the client's appointment.

Sending Forms to Clients

If you automatically send Consultation Forms to your clients (or manually send them) to complete before the day of their appointment, the additional form(s) will be included.

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