What does the Primary service option do when creating a Package or Special Offer?

This article will explain what the Primary service option is used for in a Package or Special Offer and how it affects appointments that are made in your online booking system.

What Does the Primary Service Option Do?

The Primary service option decides which staff members should be listed in the staff choice dropdown list when booking a Package or a Special Offer online. It also has an effect on a client's Preferred Staff Member when they make a booking.

Note: If you have a multi-choice option in your Package or Special Offer, you cannot choose a multi-choice option as the Primary service.

Staff members who can be booked for the Primary service will appear in the online booking staff selector menu for the Package or Special Offer.

Multiple Services & Selected Staff Not Qualified

If your Package/Special Offer includes multiple services and the staff member selected by your client is not qualified to perform some of these services, those services will be booked with another staff member who is qualified for them.

Preferred Staff Member

If a client chooses a staff member from the list when making a booking and does not currently have a Preferred Staff Member listed on their client card, then the staff member they choose will be added as their preferred staff member. No preferred staff member will be added if the 'No Preference' option is chosen.

No Primary Service

If you choose not to specify a primary service, the Package will not be displayed in an individual staff member's Service list in your online booking menu, and a staff member can only be booked at random when clients book an appointment for that Package.

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