How is the weighted-average rating system in staff reporting calculated?

This article explains how the weighted-average rating system that appears in some staff performance reporting works.

After an appointment is paid for, a client will receive a request to review the service they received (provided you have your Reviews enabled).

The unique formula is used to ensure that the staff who are getting a lot of reviews get a higher weighted average than staff who get fewer reviews.

The rating appears on the following reports:

How the Score is Calculated

80% of the Score

80% of the weighted average score (or 4 out of 5 marks) is based on the mean average of all ratings received.

For example, if a staff member received one 5-star review and four 4-star reviews, the mean average of their ratings is 4.25 (5 + 4 + 4 +4, divided by 4).

80% of 4.25 is 3.4, so the staff would get 3.4 towards their total weighted average. This would then be added to the remaining 20% of the score, explained below.

20% of the Score

20% of the weighted average score (or 1 out of 5 marks) is based on the number of reviews the staff member received, up to a maximum of 5 reviews.

1 Review = A score of 0.2 (20% of 1)

2 Reviews = A score of 0.4 (20% of 2)

3 Reviews = A score of 0.6

4 Reviews = A score of 0.8

5 Reviews = A score of 1

So it is not possible for a staff member to get a score of 5 unless they have received at least 5 reviews. We chose 5 as the minimum number of reviews to get a top score as this was the minimum sample size we felt would be appropriate in a one-week period.

Totalling the Score

To get the rating total, you would add the score calculated from the 80% to the score calculated from the 20% together.

The Maximum Score

The maximum score a staff member can receive is 5.

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