This article explores the estimated wage of staff using hourly rate and time worked.

 Where to find this Report

This report can be found under Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Staff

This report will give you the basic wage earned by a Staff in the given period of time.

The wage is calculated by multiplying the Staff Hourly rate by the staff members' total time worked (as entered on the Staff Rosters). 

Note: If staff members are not paid for their breaks, then Staff is Paid for This Break should not be selected when creating a break, otherwise if breaks are selected as paid, then total break durations will be included in this report.


You will also find this information on the newer Staff report under ManagerReportsStaff

Setting Staff Hourly Rates

To set the hourly rate for a staff member, go to Manager > Staff Members, and single-click on a staff member's name to open their staff profile.

Go to Settings, enter an Hourly Rate, then click Save.

For more info on how to do this, click here.


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