I received an email/text from Stripe - Is this legitimate and safe?

Your PhorestPay payments and account are powered securely through Stripe, a trusted global payments provider. We understand how important it is to ensure the security of your data and to ensure the emails you are receiving from Stripe are legitimate.

All emails from Stripe will include the domain stripe.com, and this domain is legitimate.

Below are the main communications you may receive after activating PhorestPay, in the event that Stripe needs more information from you for verification purposes.

Different Message Types

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Welcome to Stripe!

This message is sent when a new user's Express account is created using Express OAuth (this message is not sent when the account is created through your Phorest system).

Email confirmation request

When you create your Stripe account through PhorestPay, your email is initially unverified and there will be a banner in your Stripe Dashboard with a button that prompts you to verify your email.

Clicking the verify button will result in a “Confirm your email address with Stripe” email being sent to you. This email is also sent if you update your email address in your Stripe account, under Account > Settings (in this case the email is sent to both new and old email addresses).

Stripe needs more information!
This email is sent if you reach the volume threshold and Stripe doesn't have the required information yet, as Stripe is required to collect further information to maintain compliance with its financial partners.
We need new bank information!
You will receive this email from Stripe in the event that a payout into your Stripe account has failed. In this circumstance, you will need to verify and possibly update your bank information on your Stripe account in order to receive your payment.
Payout account was changed.
You will receive this notification if your payout method or account details are updated. This is a security measure in place to prevent unauthorized changes to your account.
Email verification code
You will receive this message in the event that your attempt to update your payout method but did not access your Stripe Dashboard with a valid platform link. This is in place in order to ensure that an authorized user is making the payout method update.
Upcoming debit to your bank account

You will receive this message in the event that your account falls into a negative balance, for example, if a client receives a refund but there is an insufficient balance in your Stripe account to cover the refund.

In this scenario, a debit for the amount will be initiated from your bank account that is linked to Stripe in order to bring your Stripe account balance to 0.00

You may receive other communication from stripe.com, if you are unsure about the legitimacy of an email received from Stripe, the best is to contact Stripe directly, so they can verify the authenticity of the email.

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