How do I change the wording of Any Stylist/Therapist/Staff in Online Booking?

This article will show you how you can choose the wording that's displayed in your staff dropdown list in Online Booking.

There are three options to display in this section: Any Stylist, Any Therapist, or Any Staff.

The options are decided based on the Online Category assigned to each Service Category.

It is not currently possible to remove the 'Any' option.

To adjust this, go to Manager > Categories > Service Categories, then click on a Service Category to edit it.

You will notice an option called Online Category.


In this dropdown, you will notice each option lies under a group. The wording in your online booking is determined based on your selection, and what group that selection lies in. You can check out examples of each option below.

The Wording for Each Group 

Here's the wording by group:

Group 1 - "Any Stylist"

This applies to any online category under the Hair grouping.



Group 2 - "Any Therapist"

This applies to any online category under the Beauty grouping.



Group 3 - "Any Staff"

This applies to any online category under the Holistic, Aesthetic, Gym, or Special Offer groupings.


The changes may take a moment to come into effect, but if you want the change to happen right away, you can add ?expire_cache=true to the end of your Online Booking link to refresh the Online Booking cache and update immediately.

For example

 Next Steps!

Next, you might want to change the order of your Services/Service Categories online. Click here for a guide on how to do that.

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