How can I export my data from Phorest?

This article will outline how to extract system information, like clients, services, products and appointments, from your Phorest system.

Client Information

Exporting client emails from the system can be done by following this guide:

How to extract a list of clients

You can also use the following reports to extract the client information - Enter the date range from the time you first started using Phorest until today to give you a full list of client information. In the Top Clients report, enter the number of clients you have in the number of clients field to give you a full list.

New Clients report overview

Top Clients report overview

Transaction Information 

The guide below will include transaction details and serve as a way to get your clients, product and service history, voucher sales, and course/series sales. 

How to Export Client Details and Purchase Transactions to CSV from Phorest

Future Appointments

The report below will give you a list of all Future Appointments broken down by staff member that you can export, including any colour or service notes.

Staff Appointments report overview


To export a list of all of your services, go to Manager > Services > Packages.

Then click > Add.

And click + Add Service.

Next, click the magnifying glass.


Then click the Export CSV button at the bottom of the screen.

If you have multiple locations in Phorest, this export will only include services for the location you are currently viewing. Repeat this process in each location if you need exports for other locations.

Once you have your export saved, click Close to close out of the package creation screens.

If you have Price Levels set, this export will also include each of your price levels per service. It will not include individual staff service durations. It is not currently possible to export these durations.

Exporting Products

To export your list of products, check out the guide below:

How to print a list of your products

Exporting Deposits on Client's accounts

This can be done with the following report:

Client Credit Account Details report overview

Exporting Client's Courses / Series

The following reports can be run to get that information:

Client Courses/Series Outstanding report overview

Client Courses/Series Sold and Added report overview

Vouchers / Gift Cards

Can be exported using the following reports:

Phorest Gift Voucher/Gift Card reports

All other reports in the system are linked here. We are here to help, so click here to contact Support if you have any difficulty with the above methods.

All data export methods above can be completed using your Phorest system, free of charge. Cases where data exports are requested from Phorest may involve a charge.

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