How does a client redeem a TreatCard Treat/reward?

Video: Awarding a Free Product or Service Treat to a Client

Step-by-Step Guide

Booking the TreatCard reward is one of the most important parts of the Phorest system when it comes to maximizing the potential return you can make. The following steps show you the process Phorest recommends you take to get the most from the system.

Choose the client who would like to book a treatment. Book the client in as normal.


Once you have selected the treatment for the customer, you will notice the Orange TreatCard button flashing at the bottom of the screen. (This only flashes if that particular client has a reward available to them). It will also display the number of points the client has on their TreatCard.


When you have clicked the TreatCard button, a list of all the Treats that are currently available to them along with how many points they need for that reward will be shown.


When they have decided which Treat/reward to book, click once on the selection then click the Done button to book. You will see the treat displays the treatment name as Reward before that actual name of the service. The client is now booked for their Treat.


If you do not have time to reward the client with a service, you can also offer them a product reward. You will see the product rewards (along with the Service rewards) when the client is paying for their service. 


Choose the product that you are giving to the client by clicking on it. 

You will see the Product listed as a (Treat) and the points will be deducted from the client's remaining points. 


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