Where to find this Report

This report can be found under Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Products

This report will show you the Cost and Price (retail) value of the items in your inventory.

The report calculates the value of each product by multiplying the current Cost Price and Retail Price of your products by each product quantity.

If you specify a past date when running the report, the report will calculate the product value based on the product quantity on that date.

The Cost Value and Price Value figures are based on the current Cost Price and Retail Price of products. This should be taken into consideration when comparing the same report that was generated at two different points in time, where there may have been price changes between those two dates.

The top of the report will give you a brief overall summary of your inventory value by Retail products and Professional (back bar) products.

Next, you'll see that summary broken down by Brand.

Then, you'll get an even closer look at the value of the individual products in either of those Brands.

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