This report shows the difference in the stock value between what the system records based on initial input and orders,  and what is input after a stock take/inventory count.  This report will highlight any discrepancies for you to follow up on.

To run this report go to Manager Reports > Additional  Reports

Then click on Products (1.), and highlight the Stock Reconciliation report (as shown in point 2. below), then choose a relevant stocktake (3. - see screenshot further down for details), and finally click the Generate Now button (4.)

To find the relevant stock take, click on the Select button (highlighted in point 3 above, and then choose the stocktake you require (as shown in point 1. below, and press the Select button (as shown in point 2.below)

Here is an example of the report: 

This report is used to show the difference between the stock found in a Stock Take and the system's expected stock. 

Product Name

The Product name.

System Stock

This is the expected number of products at the time of the Stock Take.

Stock Take

This is the actual number of products found during the Stock Take.


This is the difference between the System Stock and the Stock Take.

Differential Cost Value

This shows the cost difference between the stock found and the expected stock.
It is calculated by using the cost price of the stock multiplied by the number of items found(or missing). 

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