What are the minimum system requirements for Phorest and Phorest Go?

This article outlines the minimum specifications required for a desktop computer, laptop or tablet/iPad to run Phorest on Windows, Mac, and Phorest Go on mobile devices.

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  Recommended Computer Requirements

Requirements if you are outside the United States


Requirements if you are in the United States


Phorest is not compatible with Google Chromebooks

Phorest is not compatible with ARM-based computers/tablets (e.g. the Microsoft Surface Pro X) due to ARM not supporting 64-bit apps currently.

  Recommended Tablet Requirements for Phorest Go (iOS or Android)
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024×760
  • Recommended screen resolution 2,048 x 1,536 or higher
  • Screen Size: 8 inches +
  • Software version: iOS: 11 or higher / Android Version: 8 or higher
  • Storage Space: 300MB+

Note: Some Phorest Go features may not exist on Android when compared to the iOS version

 Additional Hardware (Receipt Printer/Cash Drawer/Scanner..)

Receipt Printer: The Star TSP143iiiU (USB version) is recommended. Other receipt printers may work, but we cannot guarantee they will.

Barcode Scanner: A USB barcode scanner. 

Cash drawer: A cash drawer with an RJ11 Connection is required if you wish to sync your cash drawer opening with your receipt printer. A USB cash drawer will also work, but you may need to open the drawer manually. If you do not use a receipt printer, you will need a USB cash drawer.

Screen Display Resolution: 1920x1080 (1080p) or higher. Touchscreens are recommended for optimal user experience, but not necessary.

  Run the PC Check Tool

For Phorest to be installed on your computer, we need to check if it meets the requirements shown above. To check your PC requirements, please click here to download our Site Survey tool, then follow the instructions below.

Note: The PC Check can only be done on a Windows computer. To check if your Apple Mac meets our requirements please contact our team

Click Begin Test. Wait until the test has complete then click OK


Click Submit Contact Details and Results.


Fill out all the fields and Save and Submit.


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