How do I change the price of a product in my inventory?

This article will outline how you can update the price associated with a product within Phorest.

Changing the Sale Price

Go to ManagerInventory/Stock > Search for and double-click on a product to edit it > Update the Sale Price > Click Save to finish.

The Sale Price is how much you sell the product for.

Updating the Cost Price

If you wish to update the Cost Price of a product, you can do so by updating the Cost Price field, and clicking Save to finish.

The Cost Price is how much it costs you to buy the product from your supplier. You would typically enter this amount as a net price (before tax), as most suppliers tend to add tax prices to an order on their side.

Multiple Locations in Phorest?

If you have multiple locations in Phorest, the default price for a product in all of your locations can be updated under ManagerChain LibraryProduct Library.

If you want to set a different price for a product in just one or some of your locations, you can do this by updating the product price under Manager > Inventory/Stock within the specific location where you want the price to be different.

A product that is using the business price will display a    icon.

A product with a price set at a location level will display a    icon.


  Have a Large List to Update?

While updating a handful of products can be easy, we understand that updating a large list of products can be time-consuming. If you have received an updated list of products from your supplier and want us to update your Phorest database, email the list to, and our team will take care of the rest.

Before sending the list, please make sure to double-check that the information on it is correct. Please let the team know in your email if there are any specific requirements. Updates can take 2-5 business days, depending on the size of the update required.

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