How do I set an order of products to arrived once the order is delivered?

This article will show you how to mark your order as arrived so that the stock/inventory levels are updated.

 First Steps!

Before you can set an order to arrived, first you'll need to send it to your supplier. Click here for a guide on how to do that.

Video: Manage Deliveries

Step-by-Step Guide

At first glance, the Orders screen looks like it has a similar traffic light color code 🎨 system to the Inventory List. However, it's slightly different.

There are three 🔲 checkboxes you can use to filter the status of your orders. Flick between the tabs below to match the colors to the order status.


Once the orders you have created have been shipped to you, you can then mark all of the stock/products that have been delivered to you as Arrived

Go to Manager Stock Orders/Inventory Orders and double-click on the order that you want to set as arrived.

Once you are in the order, you can then double-click on a product to edit the quantity that has been ordered and edit the quantity that has arrived for that product.


If all the products and amounts for the order have arrived, you can click the All Arrived button at the bottom of the screen. 


Once a product has been set to arrived it will turn green in the order, and the stock/inventory level will be updated for that product. 

When you are finished with that order, click Close.

 Next Steps!

Following on from here you may want to look at How do I print barcodes for products or How to do a stock take/ Inventory count.

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