How do I add or update product barcodes?

This article will show you how you can add or update the barcode on a product in your inventory.

Updating a Barcode

Go to Manager Inventory/Stock and find the product you wish to update the barcode for.

Double-click on the Barcode field and enter your barcode, then click Save to finish.



Updating Multiple Barcodes at Once

After you've entered the barcode for one product, you can use the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard to move to other products, then enter the barcode and move quickly onto the next product.

Once you've updated all of your barcodes, click Save to finish.


Adding a More Barcodes to One Product

If your product has more than one barcode, you can add a second barcode by double-clicking the name of the product to edit it, then clicking the + button beside the barcode field to add more barcodes.


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