How can I filter my SMS & Email Campaigns? (Old Email Editor)

This article will show you how you can create and apply filters to your marketing campaigns, in order to target a specific audience.

This article refers to the Old Editor. If you are using the newer (default) editor and want to learn how to apply filters to your campaign, check out this guide.

Compose your Email/SMS, then click the Next button to choose your audience.

Popular Filters

Popular filters can be used to quickly choose your campaign audience.

These filters use the AND operator only, meaning clients must meet all conditions specified.

When you've added all of your filter conditions, click Show Recipients to see the list of all clients that will receive this email.

Only clients who are opted in for marketing will appear in the list of recipients.

Advanced Filters

The Advanced filters can be used to create a more refined custom target audience.

After adding your filters, choose whether clients should match all rules or any rules.

All Rules means that a client needs to meet every condition you have added in order to receive your campaign.

Any Rules means that a client only needs to match at least one condition in order to receive your campaign.

Currently, it is not possible to add OR logical operators. All Rules and Any Rules are the only options.

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