How do I send an automatic aftercare email to a client after their appointment?

This article will show you how you can schedule a post-appointment follow-up/aftercare email to be sent to clients after they've had a service/treatment.

 Requesting Reviews

This article shows you how to send an after-care email for a specific service/treatment. If you are looking for information on how to request reviews from your clients automatically, check out this guide.

Note: This Email will only be sent to clients who are opted in for Email Marketing. To learn more about getting marketing consent from your clients, check out this guide.

Creating Your Email

Go to Marketing > Compose Email Use old Email editor.

If you prefer to set this up as an SMS, choose Compose SMS instead of Compose Email.


On the next screen, create the aftercare email you would like to send. You will need to create this email for either each Service you wish to send an aftercare email for or each Service Category.

We recommend that you create it for each individual Service you wish to send an aftercare email for, as you can be more specific in your email with regards to the service that the client received.

If you're creating an email for a Service Category, it's recommended to first check the services that are in the category to make sure your email relates to all of those services.


After creating your email, click the Send Test Email and enter your email address to send a preview of this email to yourself. Once you're happy with your email, click Next.


Setting Your Filters

On the next screen, you will set your Filters to make sure the email is only sent to clients on the evening of the day of their appointment.

Click Advanced, make sure Match All Rules is checked, and then use the three rules below to ensure the email is only sent to clients on the day of their appointment:


If the Email is About a Specific Service

  • Any Visit < (Days Ago) 1
  • Any Visit > (Days Ago) 0
  • Service Had [Service Name]

If the Email is About a Service Category

  • Any Visit < (Days Ago) 1
  • Any Visit > (Days Ago) 0
  • Service Category Had [Service Category Name]


Sending the Email a Few Days After the Appointment

The above settings will send the email on the day of the appointment. However, feel free to adjust the Any Visit </> (Days Ago) filters if you prefer to send the email at a later stage, for example:

  • 'Any Visit < (Days Ago) 2' and 'Any Visit > (Days Ago) 1' will be sent 1 day after the appointment
  • 'Any Visit < (Days Ago) 3' and 'Any Visit > (Days Ago) 2' will be sent 2 days after the appointment etc.

Once you've set your filters, click Show Recipients, and you will see a list of clients who have an appointment relating to that service/service category today and who have also opted in to receive marketing emails. Click Next to continue.

The email will only be sent to clients whose appointments have been completed and paid for.

Scheduling your Email to Repeat Send

Next, you'll need to schedule Phorest to check every day to see if any clients match your conditions, and for the email to be sent at a specific time (if clients are found).

Give your email a familiar name if you wish (helpful if you ever need to find and stop it from sending), then check the Schedule option.

Leave today's date as the start date, and set the time you wish the email to be sent. This should be set at a time in the evening when the business is closed and not taking appointments.

Set the Repeat option to Daily, repeat every 1 Day(s), and choose No end date.


To finish, click Send. From today, clients will now receive this email in the evening whenever they have had this Service (or a service from the Service Category if you selected Service Category in the filter).

Repeat this process for each Service or Service Category you wish to send an aftercare email for. 

If you ever need to stop this email from sending, check out this guide to find out how.

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