How can I view my product list at a glance?

The following will outline how to quickly check on the status of your products and inventory

The Stock or inventory list will show a list of all of the products carrried in your salon, which you can organise to suit your ordering needs. This list will show you quickly at a glance all of your current stock levels and let you make better decisions about reordering stock. The Inventory section displays a list of all your RetailProfessional and (if you are a hair salon) Color products.  


To view the list, Go to Manager >Stock. There are filters at the top of the screen that allow you to organize the products based on Retail, Professional, Color, Name, Brands, Supplier, Categories,   products you are running Low Stock or are Out of Stock and Archived products


The product list gives you a quick and clear insight into the status of your products at a glance. Phorest uses color codes similar to a traffic light system to highlight whether products are in stock (no color/white), on order (green), currently low on stock (yellow) or out of stock completely (red). This allows you to be proactive about what products need to be ordered before it becomes too late.

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