How do I adjust the amount of TreatCard points awarded for a salon selfie?

This article will show you how you can reward your clients with TreatCard points for sharing a Salon Selfie.

 First Steps!

Before you can start rewarding points for Salon Selfies, you'll need to have your automatic Review request set up, and your TreatCard system set up. Check out the links before for guides on how to get started.

How do I set up or change my Review Email or SMS?
How do I set up TreatCard Rewards?

If you want to automatically award TreatCard points for clients posting your Salon Selfies - it is very easy to do so. Also, you may want to award more points to encourage more salon selfies and you can use the same process.

Go to Marketing TreatCard


Go to Settings, then adjust the Treatcard Points for Uploading Review Selfies amount to the amount you prefer, and press Save to finish.


To disable rewarding points for Salon Selfies, set the points to 0.

How Does it Work

After the client submits their review, they will see the prompt to share a #salonselfie in order to get the additional TreatCard points.

Once a client uploads a selfie, they will automatically receive the amount of TreatCard points you have specified.

By default, this is set to 10 points. However, a shared selfie on a typical Facebook profile may be worth over 100 recommendations so it may be worth trying a larger number of points to get more selfies.

To find out how clients can upload a selfie, check out this guide.

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