How do I create or edit a Payment Type?

This article explains how to create/edit custom payment types you use in your salon.

Click on Manager > Settings

Once in settings click on Payment Types then select Add New. 

You will now be prompted to enter details about your Payment Type. When the Banked Option is set to Yes, this is indicating to the software that the money you take in will be transferred directly to your bank account outside of the Phorest Software. Click Save to save your changes. 

Your new Payment Type will now be added and will be visible on the Purchase Screen when paying through clients.

Note: If you do not see your payment type in the purchase screen once created you will need to restart Phorest

Once you see your new payment type in this list you can then begin using it to put purchases through and pay off appointments, your new payment type will also show up in the financial reports you run.

It is always best practice to close your till/ drawer at the end of the day. Click here to view how to end your day and run the end of day report. 

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