How can I sell or top-up a Gift Card/Voucher?

This article outlines how to ring out a Gift Card on the purchase screen.

Go to the Purchase screen and type in the name of the client who is purchasing the voucher. Select the name of the Staff Member who is selling the Gift Card/Voucher, click the Gift Cards/Vouchers button under Items, then select your Gift Card/Voucher Action.


New Gift Card/Voucher (Same Client): This client is buying it for themselves or a friend who is not a client

New Gift Card/Voucher (Different Client): This client is buying it for a friend who is an existing client on your system

Top Up Gift Card/Voucher: To add money onto an existing gift card/voucher that has already been sold, add in the top-up amount the client wants to top up. 

Once you have chosen an option, enter a serial number or the top-up amount. You can scan a Gift Card/Voucher or create a serial yourself. To allow the system to generate a number for you, you can select the wand option.


When manually entering a serial number, it is recommended to use only numbers or CAPITAL letters in the serial. When sending gift cards to clients by email, Phorest uses the Code 39 format when generating the barcode in the email for the gift card. Lowercase letters are not compatible with Code 39 format, so if the serial number of a gift card contains lowercase letters, any attempts to email it to the client will be unsuccessful.

Press Next, and you can pay the voucher through as any normal sale.

This Gift Card/Voucher will then show up in the Vouchers Sold and Added report.

If you have a Gift Card/Voucher that was not sold through Phorest, you can manually add that voucher/ gift card, too.

Looking to Sell Gift Cards Online?

If you're looking to sell Gift Cards online, check out this guide to see how to get started.

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