How do I set up or change my login details for Phorest Go?

This article will show you how to set up or edit your login details for the Phorest Go mobile app.

Go to Manager > Staff Members, and single-click on the Name of the staff member who's login details you would like to set up or change.

In their profile, you will see an Email field. The email address you enter here will be the same email address used to log in to Phorest Go.

You will also see a Password field near the bottom of their profile. The password you set here will be the same password the staff member uses to log in to Phorest Go.

Once you have set both of these, click Save

Download Phorest Go from the Apple/Google Play store.

  Click here from your iPhone or iPad.

  For Android click here.

Download and launch the app on your smartphone or tablet, then login using the information that was saved to the staff member's profile.

To learn how to change or limit a staff member's Access in Phorest Go, click here.

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