How do clients fill out Consultation Forms when they're in the salon?

This article will show how to get salon customers to fill out a digital consultation form on an iPad/tablet via Phorest Go.

To view your Consultation Forms in Phorest Go, click the More button at the top left of the calendar, then click Consultations.


Watch the video below to see how clients then fill out their Consultation Form.

Video: Complete A Consultation Form in Phorest Go

  1. Select your client from the list of consultation forms to be filled in.
  2. Enter your staff pin number.
  3. Have the client fill in the form and sign at the bottom.
  4. Enter your staff pin number again.
  5. Review the completed form with your client's signature.

To learn about more areas like this in your Phorest system enrol in our Digital Consultation Forms course in Phorest Academy - online, on-demand, and on-the-go learning for busy salon professionals.

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