How do I check out an appointment on Phorest Go?

This article will show you how to process a payment for an appointment in the Phorest Go mobile app.

If you're looking to check out a client on Phorest Go using your PhorestPay Card Terminal, check out this guide.

Video: Check Clients Out On The Go

Step-by-Step Guide

Tap on the appointment > Tap Check In (if you haven't done so already) > Tap Pay.

Adding Another Item(s) to the Sale

Next, if the client is also purchasing another item like a product, gift card, or course, you can add it to the sale using the options at the bottom.


Tap Pay when you're ready to continue with payment.

Completing the Payment

Finally, tap the payment type that the client is using, then click Pay to complete the payment.


Splitting the Payment

If the client wants to split the payment across multiple payment types, tape 0.00 beside a payment type and update it to the relevant amount. Repeat this until the remaining balance is fully split between the payment types.


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