How do I add client before/after images on Phorest Go?

This article explains how to add the before and after photos of a client's treatment on the Phorest Go App.

Taking Before/After Photos on an iPhone/iPad

For more information on taking appointment photos on an iPhone/iPad, check out our guide on the Portfolio feature.

Taking Before/After Photos on an Android Device

Tap on an appointment on your calendar > Tap Photos under the appointment details.


Tap on the Take Photo button. Take a direct photo or upload a photo from the gallery.


Photos added within the first 30 minutes of an appointment will be automatically assigned as a Before Photo, and subsequent photos will be considered an After photo. However, you can hold your finger on a photo and then drag and drop them between the two groups to reassign them if you like.

Tap on any photo to see a full-screen view of it. From the full-screen view, you can delete the photo or set it as the client's profile picture.

Viewing Before/After Images on Phorest Go

To view a client's photos from a previous visit, scroll back through the service history in the Phorest Go app and click Photos. Any photos taken on that date will appear here.

Viewing Before/After Images on Phorest Desktop

View any photos on the desktop by going to Clients opening the Client Card, and going to Service History. Any service history with photos will have a camera icon beside it. Click the camera icon to view the photo.

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