How do I process a refund on Phorest Go?

This article will show you how to process a refund on Phorest Go.

If you are refunding an appointment and would also like to return the appointment to an incomplete/unpaid state, this needs to be done in Phorest on a computer. Click here for more info.

Open the sidebar menu by tapping More, or by swiping in from the left of the screen, then select Purchase.

Next, enter the client's name and select them, then select the type of item you wish to refund.

Select the name of the staff member whom this refund should be processed under, then add the item to the sale.

Once added, tap on the item > tap the Refund option > tap Done.


The item will now be processed as a refund. If you are refunding multiple items, repeat this process until all items are added to the sale.

When you're ready to complete the refund, tap Pay > Select your payment type(s) to refund to > Tap Pay again to complete the refund.

It's important to select a payment type. If no payment type is selected, the refund will be processed as change given in cash.

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